The Warriors (1979)

As far as enjoyable films go, The Warriors is amongst the best, and simply doesn’t age. Thirty-seven years later and this film is still probably the best way to spend an hour and a half.

The Warriors is largely an enjoyable cat and mouse chase heading all the way back to Coney Island, The Warriors base of operations. After a meeting bringing the gangs together, to hear Cyrus’ dream of uniting all the gangs together, goes sour and the Warriors find themselves with no allies in the middle of New York.


Due to the blame being rested on The Warriors shoulders, every gang in New York is out to get them after the truce is called off. Cleon, the leader of The Warriors, is severely beaten and Swan (Michael Beck) assumes charge under the pretence Cleon is dead. Swan and his seven other associates of The Warriors, try to make their way home through the many different gangs turf.

I don’t think the film ages because it does what it sets out to be, an out and out action film. The action sequences throughout the film are thoroughly entertaining and only helped on by the heart-pumping music that is kept perfectly in sync.

The film’s short running time does nothing but aid the film and the story from wearing thin. Throughout the film The Warriors go through different altercations with different gangs, which helps push forward the story as the gang try to make their way home to Coney Island. However, as time wears on and the gang faces different trails, it starts to instil the wonder of whether The Warriors will make it home.


A film like The Warriors, it would have to rely on the tension building throughout the picture and it does it perfectly. Most enjoyably and noticeably when Swan is being tailed by The Punks leader (the man-child looking guy on roller skates) and the music is building to the showdown perfectly as he coasts behind Swan.

The positives from this film greatly outweigh the weaker. The latter of this point being one of two things, the acting isn’t the most profound. Majority of the characters aside from looking for a fight, are just empty vessels with a steely looking gaze. My second point is the strange love interest between Swan and Mercy, the sister of an Orphan. (one of the gangs) This part of the story just seems out of place and a way to drive the narrative over the points where The Warriors aren’t fighting other gangs.

Aside from this, the positives are far greater than the weaker points. As far as sitting down and just watching a good film to pass the time, The Warriors is a perfect choice for the enjoyable late 70s effect (which is incredibly heavy on the slow-motion, but also hilarious) the adreneline-fuelled action sequences, but also the rhythmic music throughout the film.


I know it’s been a shorter than usual blog post, but with The Warriors story there isn’t much more to say, other than how enjoyable this picture. Everything slots in together, from the music, the costume designs to the storyline having breaks with the DJ rounding out how the Warriors are progressing. If you’ve not seen this film, see it.


Agree or disagree with what I said? Let me know what you think!

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