Ocean’s 8 (2018)

Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean’s trilogy was not something I’ve ever invested anytime into, and the George Clooney-led films were an inadvertent topic of discussion last year. It all centred around the all-female led Ocean’s 8. Myself, I had only one concern. If you’re giving this platform to these extraordinary women, why use an old concept? Although... Continue Reading →


A Quiet Place (2018)

It’s becoming common practice in films now to push the boundaries of the traditional thinking regarding a ‘horror’ film. And these films are becoming something that creates an incredibly uneasy feeling in your stomach, as it’s unsettling nature unfolds on screen. A Quiet Place is the latest one to do this (although there are others... Continue Reading →

Love, Simon (2018)

Any romantic film, regardless of the sub-category, are always hinged on the believability of the characters contained within the film. Love, Simon is one of the latest films to attempt to navigate a duo of coming-of-age story with Simon coming out as well. Nick Robinson is the titular star in this film, as the lead... Continue Reading →

Ready Player One (2018)

One of the hottest commodities for film in 2018 was going to the Spielberg-led Ready Player One. Probably not for the doing anything out of the ordinary, but probably for having the film incredibly rich in popular culture, something to get those nostalgic juices flowing. What is impressive is the fact that Spielberg can go... Continue Reading →

Isle of Dogs (2018)

Something that is commonly known is that Wes Anderson is one of my favourite directors, and I always find a great joy in his films. So naturally, I was excited when he was back with a new film after four years. Isle of Dogs also marks a return of the stop-motion that he hasn’t used... Continue Reading →

Unsane (2018)

Much like the little known film Tangerine, Steven Soderbergh’s latest film had a big draw to it, in that it was shot entirely on an iPhone. However, it wasn’t just this, it was the anxiety-inducing story that eeked out of the trailer. Soderbergh has always flirted with different genres, releasing Logan Lucky last year and... Continue Reading →

Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018)

Every so often it’s always good to just watch gigantic mechanical beings crash into each other and reduce cities to rubble. And I think that’s largely why Transformers has such a wide audience. The original Pacific Rim came onto our screens with that mix of mechanical beings versus great big monsters and when it came... Continue Reading →

Game Night (2018)

As with most comedies, they aren’t necessarily hinged around the narrative per say, but rather character-centralised issues. With Game Night it revolves around the inadequacy that Max (Jason Bateman) feels towards his brother, and their sibling rivalry is unleashed onto the screen. This is brilliantly fed into the film throughout, adding fuel to that fire... Continue Reading →

Lady Bird (2018)

More often than not, a coming-of-age story feels a bit over-egged, or unnatural. And it’s always difficult to portray the teenage angst whilst balancing the parental frustrations too. It seemed as though Lady Bird was going to be the latest film to attempt this with Saoirse Ronan at the centre of this film. Lady Bird... Continue Reading →

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