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Thank you for taking the time to look around my blog, I’m Nathan Harris and my content is mainly film reviews.

I studied Film & Television Studies coupled with Professional Writing at the University of Derby and watch and review films in my spare time.

My major interests are films & television, books and sport. However, as you may have noticed this blog is solely devoted to films and my reviews on said films. If you would like me to branch out to my interests, get in touch and I can certainly look into that for you.

Now, direct yourself around my blog (you know, those three small pages) and if you feel like there is something missing from the blog, or something that can be added for future reference, I’d love to read your thoughts to make it a more enjoyable experience for all of us!


7 thoughts on “About Me

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  1. I think this is a great blog and I love your self-descriptive interests in films, boos and sport ! You seem to have the ground well covered, though I’m always fascinated by the marginalization that occurs in books and cinema. So often it goes unnoticed. No one speaks of it. Where are the real women? Gay people? Anyway, I love the blog and you do the University of Derby proud!

  2. I just read a couple of your reviews, very well-written. As a film nerd myself, I love reading critical insights into movies not just from critics, but from the everyday guy. I look forward to seeing more of your reviews, you’ve gotten a follow out of me!

    1. I studied Film and Television with Professional Writing. The latter included modules on scriptwriting and journalism, which were thoroughly enjoyable.
      I am sadly not working in the field, this blog is ran for fun at the moment, but hopefully in the future I will be!

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