Power Rangers (2017)

A great deal of my childhood was spent watching the Power Rangers morph in their ultimate fight machine, the Megazord. Surprisingly though, I was unmoved with the announcement of the reboot. I certainly didn’t rush out to see the new imagining of the legendary characters. What has become common occurrence with reboots is the origin... Continue Reading →


Star Trek Beyond (2016)

Star Trek Beyond is the third instalment of the recently rebooted Star Trek franchise, however, this time Justin Lin (of the Fast and Furious franchise) has put his spin on this. After the events of Star Trek Into Darkness, released three years earlier, the enterprise crew undertook a five year mission, which they are currently three years into. As expected... Continue Reading →

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

That moment the Lucasfilm logo appear on the screen I was already beaming from ear to ear. Immediately I was transported to a galaxy far, far away and the nostalgic memories of watching the original trilogy on VHS all those years ago rushed back. Of course, the moment the release date was edging closer there was a... Continue Reading →

Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013)

This is strange. I watched this at the cinema and loved it, but never got round to posting a blog on it confessing my somewhat love for the sequel to JJ Abrams newly-imagined Star Trek franchise. I re-watched this on DVD and I must admit, these lovestruck feelings soon disappeared. So, if you've been living... Continue Reading →

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