It Comes At Night (2017)

I actually missed It Comes At Night on it’s initial cinema release due to a limited cinema run around me and timing. But thankfully, thanks to a handy little Film Society in Sheffield (Shout out Film Unit – Check them out) I managed to catch this. Although, it was with a sense of apprehension because... Continue Reading →


Sheffield Doc/Fest: Ulysses in the Subway (2017)

Ulysses in the Subway was a three dimensional experience film, and that was probably the most exciting thing about the film. This experimental documentary introduces the audience to the sounds of the New York City Subway for sixty minutes as it traverses through its routes. But here’s the kicker, there isn’t any narrative to it,... Continue Reading →

Sheffield Doc/Fest: Drib (2017)

There was an unusual draw to Drib, and I still cannot pinpoint what it was. Maybe it was the narrative that is so wrapped up in legal issues, that the director Kristoffer Borgli had to create a fictional energy drink brand just for the film. At the centre of Drib is Borgli's friend Amir Asghernejad, a comic... Continue Reading →

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