Moonlight (2017)

For audiences to react with Moonlight in the way that they have is extraordinary. The film is fresh on everyone’s lips, especially after the seemingly controversial (hmm.) win over La La Land at the Academy Awards. But that is all washed away when you first encounter Barry Jenkin’s Moonlight because everything is just so genuine.... Continue Reading →


Life, Animated (2016)

People of my generation have generally grown up watching Disney’s animated features unfold on screen as one of their first experiences of films and the cinema. There was something about Disney films that just connected with our youths as we grew up around them. The animated features were also a big part of Owen Suskind’s... Continue Reading →

La La Land (2017)

After sweeping up at the Golden Globes and continuing it’s trend by sweeping up many BAFTA nominations La La Land looks to be hot property heading into the Oscars. Damien Chazelle first made everyone take notice of him with Whiplash back in 2014, and this was a love affection with jazz music. Enter stage left La... Continue Reading →

Arrival (2016)

After an unbelievably tense traffic sequence on film, Denis Villeneuve’s Sicario was a big runner in the Oscars last year. And this year he’s back with the highly anticipated science-fiction thriller Arrival. And it’s no surprise with his talent that there are already smatterings of Oscar contention for Villeneuve again. This time it’s Amy Adams... Continue Reading →

Spotlight (2015)

It’s quite amazing to think that a year removed from the very Adam Sandler-y The Cobbler, Tom McCarthy produced Spotlight. One of the finer films to come out of 2015, and taking two Oscar wins with it. Being based on a true story is always tricky as well considering potential implications that come with it.... Continue Reading →

The Revenant (2016)

Hot off a successful award season, The Revenant is slowly winding down it's impressive six-week run and I managed to get in a watch. (albeit late to the party I know, but still) Leonardo Dicaprio in the run up to this film was tipped to finally take home that famed Best Actor Oscar. DiCaprio gives a rather... Continue Reading →

Room (2016)

There are potential spoilers in this review, however, I thoroughly recommend seeing this film before reading any reviews (and trying to watch any clips from it) Over the last twelve months at the cinema I have seen the most entertaining piece of cinema in Mad Max: Fury Road, a nostalgic trip back to a galaxy far, far away and... Continue Reading →

Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)

Joel & Ethan Coen returned to the familiar character development tales they take us on since True Grit back in 2010.  Last year out came Inside Llewyn Davis which is loosely based on a famous folk singer from New York's Greenwich Village, but I won't become bogged down in that loose plot basis, the Coens have... Continue Reading →

Dallas Buyers Club (2014)

It could be said, that Matthew McConaughey is doing the best work in the business at this moment. The man himself has currently featured in many, many films recently and majority have been excellent or so the grapevine says. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to see some of the works, however, I had the... Continue Reading →

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