Good Time (2017)

It’s kind of ironic the title being Good Time because Connie seems to be having anything but, in the Safdie brother’s latest flick. I knew little of this latest offering, so did not know what to expect other than Robert Pattinson at the helm. And it has a curious opening, as the film focuses on... Continue Reading →


Sheffield Doc/Fest: Ulysses in the Subway (2017)

Ulysses in the Subway was a three dimensional experience film, and that was probably the most exciting thing about the film. This experimental documentary introduces the audience to the sounds of the New York City Subway for sixty minutes as it traverses through its routes. But here’s the kicker, there isn’t any narrative to it,... Continue Reading →

Sully (2016)

It’s not often a positive story can appear when it involves New York City and airliners, but there was such a case with the ‘Miracle On The Hudson’ when an airliner landed on the Hudson River back in 2009. The nature of this story being a biographical retelling of a recent event, Clint Eastwood cleverly... Continue Reading →

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