A Ghost Story (2017)

This is not a horror film.   Before you think it is, A Ghost Story is not a horror film, it is anything but. Although Ghost appears in the title, it’s rather a comic ghost that situates itself throughout the best part of this film. One of the first things I noticed about A Ghost... Continue Reading →


Dunkirk (2017)

War is hell. Absolute hell. And that is exactly what Christopher Nolan has chosen to portray in his latest venture, Dunkirk. However, unlike Saving Private Ryan and Hacksaw Ridge with their glorious actions sequences, Dunkirk rather takes on a subdued approach to the war. Christopher Nolan is an absolute visionary of a director, with his... Continue Reading →

Moon (2009)

There is something about films involving space that has always peaked my interest. One of my favourites is Danny Boyle’s space epic Sunshine and I have enjoyed the very peculiar Solaris, the whimsical adventure of The Martian and the mind-bendingness of Interstellar. So naturally, I am led to Duncan Jones’ directorial debut of Moon. Funnily... Continue Reading →

The Martian (2015)

First things first. There has been a huge delay since my last blog, apologies for this as my laptops been out of order. I'm eager to the wheels rolling on this blog again. Andy Weir's novel The Martian is the basis (funnily enough) of Ridley Scott's newest venture. In parts, I loved the book, as the Sol... Continue Reading →

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