I, Tonya (2018)

Prior to this film, I knew nothing of Tonya Harding, nor the infamous ‘incident’. But however, it seemed wonderfully appropriate to release this film, as the Winter Olympics draws to a close. I, Tonya is a biopic of the also infamous Tonya Harding, who found herself at the centre of all sorts of controversy throughout... Continue Reading →


Black Panther (2018)

Since Black Panther’s release, it’s been highly anticipated due to the seemingly rapturous acclaim it has received, from people buying out theatres and reviews being accompanied with the #BlackExcellence tag. I have avoided everything as much as possible from reviews, interviews and even trailers, in anticipation for the MCU’s 18th film. And it only made... Continue Reading →

A Monster Calls (2017)

There wasn’t a great draw to A Monster Calls, as after it’s release it ended up falling by the wayside to be forgotten about, which is unfortunate. My only apprehension was the voice casting of Liam Neeson. I am at odds with Neeson, because I find his work to be very subpar. Nevertheless I wasn’t... Continue Reading →

The Cloverfield Paradox (2018)

With potentially the greatest and ballsiest marketing ploy, the latest Cloverfield film landed on Netflix on Sunday evening/Monday morning. The Cloverfield Paradox continued that trend of limited marketing, and even pushed back the release day to further fuel that anticipation. My life, the absolute balls of that marketing team. I decided to go into The... Continue Reading →

Phantom Thread (2018)

Who knew that a simple film about dressmaking would turn out to be such a tense affair? Famously Daniel Day-Lewis has always ‘become’ his characters, and it’s clearly evident in Phantom Thread as it’s the longing looks, the passion shown for his dressmaking and the clear frustration when anyone breaks his concentration routines. But also... Continue Reading →

Downsizing (2018)

We’re getting to the point in films where they are starting to include global issues, potentially to try and raise awareness for that wider issue. Sometimes it works, more often than not, it doesn’t. Downsizing seems to be latest film to try and tackle a wider global problem on the silver screen. From the Alexander... Continue Reading →

12 Strong (2018)

In recent memory, the last big war film was American Sniper which actually turned out to be a piece heavily centred on an American involved in the war, and was sickly with pseudo-propaganda. 12 Strong does continue this trend slightly, but instead of the pseudo-propaganda that influenced American Sniper, 12 Strong showed the other side... Continue Reading →

Maze Runner: The Death Cure (2018)

It was clear from the second instalment of The Maze Runner series that they were not going to be truthful to source books. The Scorch Trails continued Thomas’ quest against WCKD. But I still went along as I’m at the point where I’ve invested too much into the franchise to not see The Maze Runner:... Continue Reading →

The Commuter (2018)

If you know me at all, I do not like Liam Neeson. I find him to be a very subpar actor in general. I only remember one film in which I’ve enjoyed Liam Neeson’s performance and that is a fleeting cameo in Gangs of New York. Since then he’s featured in the largely forgettable Unknown,... Continue Reading →

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