A Quiet Place (2018)

It’s becoming common practice in films now to push the boundaries of the traditional thinking regarding a ‘horror’ film. And these films are becoming something that creates an incredibly uneasy feeling in your stomach, as it’s unsettling nature unfolds on screen. A Quiet Place is the latest one to do this (although there are others... Continue Reading →


It Comes At Night (2017)

I actually missed It Comes At Night on it’s initial cinema release due to a limited cinema run around me and timing. But thankfully, thanks to a handy little Film Society in Sheffield (Shout out Film Unit – Check them out) I managed to catch this. Although, it was with a sense of apprehension because... Continue Reading →

Happy Death Day (2017)

One of the clearest things about Happy Death Day is the similarity to Groundhog Day with the direct lift of living the same day over and over. However Happy Death Day did something a little bit different by changing it to a slasher-esque film. And right at the centre of the living nightmare is Tree... Continue Reading →

The Ritual (2017)

It’s now that time of year where the cinema offerings are rife with horror-themed films. They all seem to the follow the same format in pitting friends against an unknown entity in a fight for their life. The Ritual was one of those to follow this trend, but seemed to owe a debt of gratitude... Continue Reading →

Flatliners (2017)

Hands up if you didn’t realise this was a remake of a 1990s Kevin Bacon film So, my hand is up. Especially when I made the connection halfway home after viewing the 2017 reimagining. Flatliners posed a really interesting question at the beginning of it’s film as it questions what happens to us after we... Continue Reading →

It (2017)

I do not want to float too, thank you very much. After 27 years, Stephen King’s IT has made a return to the big screen. I genuinely cannot remember the last time that I was terrified by a film, and the early trailers had an allure to it, so much so that I wanted to... Continue Reading →

The Neon Demon (2016)

The Neon Demon is probably the strangest film I watched in a long time, yet has left me wanting more and more. Set again in Los Angeles, the fashion scene seems worlds away to the Los Angeles discovered in Drive.  Nicholas Winding Refn has managed to find that divisive element again that plagued his release of Only God... Continue Reading →

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