Equals (2016)

Sometimes films get a run they don't deserve and fell prey to scathing reviews. Equals would be one such example as it had a run on the festival circuit but after some less-than-impressed reviews it did not get the run it should've had. Thanks to the magic of Twitter Drake Doremus' feature had a quiet corner making... Continue Reading →


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

Last year marked the rebirth of the Star Wars anthology with The Force Awakens. Disney announced the releasing of a Star Wars film every year until at least 2020. Rogue One marks the first of these standalone films in the extended Star Wars universe. The first of these standalone films, Rogue One takes place in... Continue Reading →

Sully (2016)

It’s not often a positive story can appear when it involves New York City and airliners, but there was such a case with the ‘Miracle On The Hudson’ when an airliner landed on the Hudson River back in 2009. The nature of this story being a biographical retelling of a recent event, Clint Eastwood cleverly... Continue Reading →

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