Deadpool (2016)

Marvel’s slow takeover of the cinematic universe is continually expanding. This time is has expanded further into the X-Men universe (kind of) with Deadpool. Deadpool first appeared, played again by Ryan Reynolds during X-Men Origins: Wolverine as a re-imagined version of Wade Wilson.

Tim Miller (director) went back to the drawing board for Deadpool and found himself with the comic books. Now, I have no interest in the comics of any of the Marvel universe and just enjoy the releases in general. I’m told Ryan Reynolds and Tim Miller re-imagined Deadpool is lifted directly out of the comic book, which was extraordinary after watching this film.

Make no mistake though, this is not a superhero film, it’s more of an anti-hero film that makes you laugh. Not only does Deadpool as a character hit back with quick comedic-quips, the film pokes fun at the rest of the superhero films currently being churned out of Hollywood. Instead of stating who is directing the film, or who is starring in the film, it has “A Hot Chick”, “A Gratuitous Cameo” and even “The Comic Relief” which has been true for the recent efforts by Marvel.


Whether the story of Wade Wilson becoming Deadpool is true to the comic, I could not tell you, but I can tell you it’s pretty interesting with the throwabout nature of the story continually skipping backwards and forwards with the past and present. Deadpool (played again by Ryan Reynolds) is counting as he picks off mercenaries with twelve bullets, but then tosses us back to how he went from Wade Wilson to Deadpool (in comical fashion of course) as he turns the last mercenary into a kebab.

Wade is introduced as an ex-special forces man, who have been all around to world, even to Jacksonville and eventually meets the love of his life Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). This all comes crashing down when Wade is diagnosed with terminal cancer, this becoming the cause and effect of Wade becoming Deadpool. He becomes the superhero (or anti-hero depending which way you look at it) at the hands of Francis, head of a seedy operation mutating humans into having superpowers.


And so Deadpool is born.

However, Deadpool isn’t a direct cause and effect of the comedy that is associated with his character, the film is comedic from start to finish, even as Wade Wilson. Even his relationship with Vanessa is comedic as they continually try to ‘outdo’ each other in regards of upbringing. They’re first encounter is a joke as Wade remarks about putting ‘balls in holes’ but then takes her to play Skeeball. Deadpool as a character only accentuates this comedy, with his extraordinary fighting style and obliviousness to the fight in hand, exemplified by him commenting on the leather in a car fight and his comical relationship with Dopinder, the Asian taxi driver that accepts the currency of a ‘crisp high-five’.

It is impossible to not laugh at this film as I believe the comedy is so simplistic but hits all the notes and tones coupled with this movie. Ranging from fart jokes to slap stick and even situational comedy. My only issue is the story isn’t the strongest. Personally, I think the best storyline in the Marvel world thus far is Captain America: The Winter Soldier but with the rate that film hits the comedy notes, the story isn’t as important.


Understandable without a strong story, the characters aren’t going to be as strong, as everyone but Deadpool take a backseat in this story. Admittedly the origin part of Wade becoming Deadpool was interesting, but after that point the rest of the story falls flat and can be largely guessed what will happen.

Admittedly, this has been my favourite Marvel outing so far as the film is just excellently funny and I personally haven’t heard a bad word about it yet. The comedy is fantastic and just downright hilarious. Since Marvel films have pretty much copied the framework of the Phase One films (from what I’ve seen anyway) Deadpool was a refreshing change of pace, especially the continual breaking the fourth wall and poking fun at The Green Lantern and other Marvel franchises.


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  1. The biggest shock for me was how this was a 15! i know its a Marvel film so in some way needs to be aimed towards the younger generation, but I think this was souley aimed at adults. I think the fact that it isnt so strong in the storyline department is a strength of the film, youre interested about the origins of how he becane Deadpool but thats not why you’re watching it. You’re watching it for the laughs and to see what he does next. Glad to see Marvel taking comical jabs at themself, want to see more! Bring on the sequel!

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