Zoolander No. 2 (2016)

Where news first broke of a sequel to the never-aging Zoolander, I simply couldn’t wait. I loved Zoolander and I mean loved it. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson announced news of the sequel officially in an excellent way, by making an appearance at the Paris Fashion Week reprising their roles of Derek Zoolander and Hansel.

As the success of Zoolander rocketed, the excitement when the sequel was announced naturally had me wondering. Naturally the question was how were they going to follow Zoolander. Mugatu being reprimanded by the police and Derek with a child, the only natural way was to destroy the happy ending. Derek’s Centre for Kids Who Can’t Read Good (I’m not typing all of it, that’s insanity) collapsing, killing his wife and disfiguring Hansel in the process, was the approach they took.


Both Derek and Hansel retreat into hiding and let the years pass them by. Forward to 2016 and Billy Zane seeks out Derek and Hansel to become the male models they once were. Instead of Mugatu, whom is locked in a fashion prison with MC Hammer for his parachute pants, the ‘it’ person in fashion is Alexanya Atoz (Kristen Wiig) coupled with Don Atari.

The biggest laughs in Zoolander came from the quotability of the film and the many, many cameos that featured in the film. Zoolander No. 2 (or 2oolander) keeps the history of cameos, which range from Skrillex to Lewis Hamilton to big names of the fashion world including Alexander Wang and Anna Wintour.

Naturally, the story wasn’t the strongest at all but that was expected with the main purpose of the film being for the laughs it provides and with the cast consisting of Penelope Cruz, Sting, Kristen Wiig and the reprisal of roles from Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell. The majority of the comedy comes from the idiotic behaviours of Derek and Hansel and their mispronunciation of words.

The biggest comedy factor in Zoolander was the cause and effect actions of the idiotic duo from Derek and Hansel including hilarious mind-boggling scene in Fashion Prison between Mugatu and Derek.. This is heaped on with Penelope Cruz’s Valentino being a member of Interpol’s Fashion Police and Derek’s interactions with his son, Derek Jr.

(Potential Plot Spoilers)

Strangely though, I felt Zoolander 2 hit some serious notes in the film, including the character All (Benedict Cumberbatch) being of no gender. In a strange scene, Don Atari (Kyle Mooney) is accepting of All whereas Derek seems to struggle to come to terms with it. Also with the storyline of Derek getting his child back, he also struggles to come to terms with his child being fat. He eventually accepts him for being ‘plus size’ and he is acknowledged as a plus size model later on in the film.

(End of potential plot spoilers)

The film opens in a fantastic comical fashion, as an exciting fast-paced scene unfolds with a mystery person being chased down by two people on motorbikes. It turns out to be Justin Bieber, who is subsequently killed but before biting the dust, he manages to strike the famous Blue Steel pose. I throughly enjoyed this scene and only set the bar for cameos throughout the film, in which Zoolander 2 hit every single time.


Zoolander 2 was more than I thought it would be and more. With original comedy films with cult followings, it’s always difficult to follow up the original, but Zoolander 2 hit all the right notes, kept me laughing and was in general a really fun and entertaining watch. Of course, it does has it flaws with the story not being the most exciting or riveting and a big twist being foreseeable.

However, that’s not the point with comedies, the film doesn’t have to rely on being the greatest story, just one to carry it through certain parts. The sequel carries out at a nice pace, with the story unfolding. The comedy does reign supreme in this film with the ever-rising count of cameo appearances and homages to the original film.



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