Foxcatcher (2015)

I actually ruined the story of Foxcatcher for myself, due to me reading into the story of John Du Pont during one late evening. However, as I watched the trailers that thoroughly had me gripped, I realised after my first viewing that if there was a case for a film to be completely different to... Continue Reading →


Deadpool (2016)

Marvel's slow takeover of the cinematic universe is continually expanding. This time is has expanded further into the X-Men universe (kind of) with Deadpool. Deadpool first appeared, played again by Ryan Reynolds during X-Men Origins: Wolverine as a re-imagined version of Wade Wilson. Tim Miller (director) went back to the drawing board for Deadpool and found himself with the comic books. Now, I have... Continue Reading →

Westworld (1973)

Welcome to Westworld, one of three getaway resorts invented for our pleasure by Delos Company. Westworld, Romanworld and Medievalworld are three vacation spots available for $1000 per day, to live out your indulgent fantasies. Westworld is a wonderfully bizarre trip undertaken by Peter (Richard Benjamin) and John (James Brolin) who venture to Delos' much famed... Continue Reading →

Zoolander No. 2 (2016)

Where news first broke of a sequel to the never-aging Zoolander, I simply couldn't wait. I loved Zoolander and I mean loved it. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson announced news of the sequel officially in an excellent way, by making an appearance at the Paris Fashion Week reprising their roles of Derek Zoolander and Hansel. As the success of Zoolander rocketed,... Continue Reading →

Creed (2016)

Sylvestre Stallone has finally stepped aside and let a fresh pair of eyes take a swing at the tiring Rocky franchise. Stallone still reprises his role of Rocky Balboa (and water is wet, the grass is green) but off the back of two less-than-entertaining Rocky films (Rocky V & Rocky Balboa) this fresh approach was due. Ryan Coogler, who... Continue Reading →

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