Lucy (2014)

In theory and premise, this film was set to be stunner on the box office. In practice the feelings didn’t transpire to what I had hoped would happen. Within circles, this film seemed to be quite anticipated film of 2014 with the cast of Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman being directed by Luc Besson. Lucy can draw comparisons on Limitless with drugs expanding the minds capacity, however, whilst the concept of both of these films is brilliant, in practice Limitless was less so. Will Lucy fare better?


Scarlett being cast as Lucy, at first a woman in Taiwan, partying and partly studying (As she mentions about an exam on Monday). Her boyfriend, tricks her into taking a briefcase to Mr. Jang (Min-Sik Choi) full of CPH4, a new synthetic drug. Interestingly here though, Besson integrated a cheetah stalking it’s prey and cast it in such a way, Lucy becomes the gazelle and is capped off when the gazelle is caught, which coincides with Lucy is being taken by Mr. Jang’s henchman.


Morgan Freeman as Professor Norman, a specialist in the human brain, is then seen discussing the humans use of 10% of cerebral capacity, and then what happens when humans use 20% onwards. Lucy on the other hand is shown the contents of the briefcase and has one of the four CPH4 bags in inserted into her abdomen, along with three other men, who are then forced to fly to one of four European destinations. En route, however, Lucy is kidnapped (I assume as it’s not made clear) and kicked in her abdomen releasing the drug into her system. She then goes all exorcist on screen as the drug encapsulates her body and immediately increasing her brain’s capacity.

Unfortunately, as for the rest of the film, this is where it becomes boring with the action scenes few and far between. Luc Besson’s use of the cheetah and gazelle was a great and interesting effect, however the over saturation of the effect becomes annoying as the nature around the Earth becomes commonplace in the movie as does Lucy takes her cerebral capacity to new heights. And Scarlett Johansson’s performance is different to what we see, it’s nothing mesmerising, I thought anyway. The emotionless, terrifyingly efficient Lucy is different, a world away from Johansson as Charlotte, Barbara and Sarah Jordan.


Morgan Freeman, I thought, was there for name purposes. A voice to go with the character. His character is not integral to the storyline, just a man to pass on information about the human brain. However, as Lucy takes control of her brain and the movie, she channels all the information about life and existence, the story becomes about time. The time Lucy reaching 100% brain capacity, that time is the true measurement of life, not numbers. It’s all very confusing and kinda hard for me to explain because even I left feeling confused myself.

I still can’t help my feelings about the film though, and that is this film didn’t completely excite me. The effects were good, although sometimes scenes were needless, including the police chase scene and Lucy travelling through time (although it was interesting, it was still pointless). However as Lucy increases her cerebral capacity and telepathically reads Mr. Jang’s mind, accesses Professor Norman’s phone and television set and even manages to make a dog stop in it’s tracks, these scenes are more interesting because they can be connected to what professor Norman was saying at the start of the film.


With the film being highly anticipated, I believe this is part of the reason why I am quite disappointed with the film. Don’t get me wrong, I’d probably see the film again, but to say I’ll be rushing into the nearest shop to get the DVD when it comes out will not be happening. The ridiculous storyline about people disintegrating and shipping drugs in people’s bodies make the film quite ridiculous overall and the lack of performances from the cast left me disappointed. Aside from the Asian gangsters, particularly Mr Jang, I wasn’t particularly fussed with the acting performances.



Agree or disagree with what I said? Let me know what you think!

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