An Announcement.

For those of you who read this blog regularly, you may have noticed the lack of posts for the past month or so. Fear not, I haven’t forgotten, I’ve just simply been far too busy with deadlines for university. I pledge here, from Monday onwards, you can have me back.

I have some movies in my drafts and I have been watching various films that I may or may not write a post about in the future, but for now my primary focus is on the deadlines!

I intend to spend majority of my time in the movies after I finish so I will have some wonderful reviews again for you, so if there is anything you’d like me to see and review then please get in contact with me via the comments section, or via my Twitter which you can find in the left hand side of this page.

Some of the future movies I intend to review are:

Completing the favourite films list (I’m working on it)

The Grand Budapest Hotel (I have a draft)

The other films in my drafts!

The Double








The Raid 2


Oh, and films that have recently come out on DVD that I have failed to see at the cinema.

Now there’s just some of the films, and admittedly some of them don’t come out til May or sometime after, but I’ll try and a review done for them!

If there is anything you’d recommend me adding to the list then let me know of course, I look forward to hearing from you.

Again, I apologise about the lack of posts this month, but May will be my month!

All the best,



Agree or disagree with what I said? Let me know what you think!

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