The Trip (2010)

This was a strange one, I must admit. But it is truly excellent viewing I found. So, bare with me on this one. I came about this show, due to it's 'sequel' of sorts, in The Trip To Italy, which thus far I have thoroughly enjoy. (You should all definitely check it out). The Trip features Steve Coogan... Continue Reading →


An Announcement.

For those of you who read this blog regularly, you may have noticed the lack of posts for the past month or so. Fear not, I haven't forgotten, I've just simply been far too busy with deadlines for university. I pledge here, from Monday onwards, you can have me back. I have some movies in... Continue Reading →

Glory Road (2006)

This cropped up in my Netflix, and being a fan of basketball, I wanted to watch this. Low and behold, I am watching it. It crossed me as one of those inspirational sports films. But with a mix of comedic value in the film. Glory Road has a largely unknown cast and of course is... Continue Reading →

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