Fast Five (2011)

If you’ve never, ever seen a film from the Fast & Furious franchise, then they have three factors, fast cars, racing and action with the leading stars being Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. Fast Five is, yes you guessed it, the fifth installment in this franchise, but chronologically the fourth (it makes sense if you’ve seen the four previous).

After the ending of Fast & Furious (2009), Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) is placed in handcuffs and is seemingly heading for jail. Seemingly. Of course Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker) and Mia Toretto (Jordana Brewster) chase the bus with Dom on it and break him out. They escape to Rio De Janeiro which serves as where the rest of the film is set. Awaiting to hear from Dom, Mia and Brian decide to join Vince (Matt Schulze) in a heist involving stealing cars on a moving train.

Dom shows up and the heist proceeds, with a hitch though, as their associates seem particularly interested in the Ford GT more than the other cars. Mia is told to the drive the car and wait for a call. This is when an altercation ensues between Dom and Zizi and his henchman. This is also when the DEA officers on the train catch on and are subsequently killed by Zizi’s men.

Brian and Dom are captured by Zizi’s men to where they are bought to a unknown location and meet Reyes, the leader of this operation. He is orders them to be interrogated to find the location of the Ford GT. They of course escape and manage to arrive at the safe house where the car is, they look for the thing of importance that caused a ruckus during the heist. They find a chip that tells the crew of Reyes’ operations, but also that he is holding over $100 million in the favelas of Rio De Janeiro.

All the while, Luke Hobbs (Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson) is heading to Rio to go on a hunt for Dom, Brian and Mia, the latter of which have now been placed on the wanted list. Accompanied with a team, Hobbs begins his pursuit of the trio after the killing of the DEA agents and is relentless in his pursuit. So much so, he travels to where they were last seen, which leads to a rooftop footrace chasing after him. He is unlucky in his pursuit as Dom escapes in the blaze of bullets from Reyes’ men.


So, Dom, Brian and Mia not only have Reyes’ men after them, they now have a specialist unit lead by the unit himself, Hobbs. When faced with limited options of escaping cleanly, Mia announces her pregnancy to Brian and Dom, which changes things. Dom now decides he wants to steal the money from Reyes and pay for a clean slate, a new life. For this, they would need to assemble a crack team to operate this job. The next scene is a real gem for the fans of the fast and furious franchise as we meet old characters including, Tej, Han and Roman.

Much of the next part of the film is just the team preparing differently for the heist job, such as street racing for cars, preparing routes and guns. Although not much exciting happens, until the day of the heist. Faced with a perfect opportunity to pull off the job, Dom sends team one out to begin the job, but before he has the chance to leave himself, Hobbs crashes into his muscle car and goes mano-a-mano with Dom, which is pretty awesome scene in all honesty.

“You just made a big mistake”

After the brawl, which is a good way to describe the fight, Dom, Brian, Mia and Vince are subsequently arrested and are on the way to the airport to be extradited. They are ambushed by Reyes’ men, to which a firefight ensues where majority of Hobbs’ men are wiped out, Dom, Vince and Brian instead of escaping help Hobbs and travel back to the safe house. Vince, however, doesn’t make it, being shot in the process and dies eventually. Hobbs this time round agrees to help with the heist as he wants to seek revenge against Reyes, however, they go with a different plan that isn’t revealed until it’s acted out.

I won’t spoil it, but in true Fast and Furious fashion the heist is ridiculous. How they go about it and what happens is truly ridiculous, enjoyable all the same, but ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the film, as much as I didn’t want to say that, however, this does bring the platform back up after a below average (in my opinion) last two films. And if you’re a Fast & Furious fan that’s yet to see this film, I would advise you to watch til a little after the credits for a surprise. As for what the franchise stands for, this film does have it, aside from a street race for pink slips (even though it is implied), as it has the fast cars, the women and the action.



Agree or disagree with what I said? Let me know what you think!

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