Pitch Perfect (2012)

Hmm.. This is a post I didn’t really expect from myself, but I have to keep an open mind at times.

Now Pitch Perfect is quite entertaining, regardless of the genre. Being a college film, it doesn’t center on the popular jocks, cheerleaders or any of the popular cliques, it rather centers on the A Cappella groups, the Treble Makers and the Barden Bellas. In which we find them doing battle at the national championships of A Cappella, which was going well until Aubrey (Anna Camp) vomits everywhere on stage, meaning the Treble Makers win.

Now, begins a new year, with new faces, including that of Beca (Anna Kendrick) who has dreams of being a DJ and producing music in LA. Thanks to her father, who lectures at Barden University, Beca is forced to go to college, and when he comes to visit her in her dorm, she quickly excuses herself from the encounters and goes to the activities fair. This is where Beca first meets Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson), legitimately what she calls herself, and of course the Chloe and Aubrey. Meanwhile, Jesse (Skylar Astin) and his roommate, Benji, speak to the Treble Makers, before Benji is shooed away due to his ‘weirdness’.

Beca’s father trying to usher her into enjoying herself at college, makes a deal that if she joins a club and lasts a year and she still wants to go to LA, he will fund her going there to try and make it. This is where Beca takes a shower whilst singing and is interrupted by Chloe (Brittany Snow), who confronts, naked, asking her to sing, so they can harmonise. After realising the potential, Beca is invited to the auditions of the A Cappella groups.

Set against this premise, the Barden Bellas, led by Aubrey, try to return their glory and topple the Treble Makers, however, set with a group of uncoordinated and a mixture of people, the Barden Bellas do not look set to return to their former ways. All the while the Treble Makers are storming the shows. What was enjoyable was the “Riff-Off” whereby the groups had to spontaneously sing a song from the different categories, as the Treble Makers and Barden Bellas go head to head, and Beca, in turn, seemingly starting to enjoy herself.

After getting through the regional finals, narrowly, Aubrey tries to improve the choreography, sweeps any feedback aside. When it comes to the semi-finals, Beca decides to mix up the song, but throws off the rest of the group, all the while helping the groups chances in the competition. Naturally of course, the Treble Makers are smashing the competitions. The Bellas are knocked out in the Semi-Finals, but in a turn of events, one of the groups in thrown out the competition, giving the Bellas a second chance.

Realising the second chance is a gift, Aubrey decides to get Beca to take charge, whereby they create a remix (thanks to her DJing ability) and ready themselves for the finals, where they mix it up a little bit. Of course the ending is all too familiar, which I’m sure you can guess.

Pitch Perfect

But, what’s this film without a bit of romance thrown in there? Of course, Beca, trying to push everyone away has an admirer in Jesse, whom she works in the radio shack with, sorting the CDs. But of course, they have an altercation which leads Jesse to ignore Beca, until she incorporates the famous song from The Breakfast Club into the finale. After their performances, they have that classic scene where they both kiss in the midst of the celebrations of their finale.

And of course, this film has a lot of comedic value going for it, majority of which comes from Fat Amy’s one liners, including;

“You guys are going to get pitch-slapped so hard, your man boobs are gonna concave” 

but not only this, there is a great scene in the radio shack, where Jesse is covering his face with vinyl sleeves to make Beca laugh. Most of the comedy is just one liners, and the reactions to various things. Bumper (Adam DeVine) I found hilarious too, as Jesse describes it as organised nerd singing, thinks he’s one of the coolest customers on campus, higher than the jocks and cool people. Between Bumper, Fat Amy and the running jokes, this film is surprisingly funny.

This makes it a refreshing comedy, an easy watch, but also a fun watch. One to be shamed about if you’re a boy and enjoyed it. Also an important note is that, the film doesn’t actually ruin the songs that are sung, not like Glee at all. Nothing is too adventurous, as it’s much like High School Musical, but set in college and it’s A Cappella groups. I’m sure if you’re a fan of Glee, you’ll probably love this film. I enjoyed it and dislike Glee.



Agree or disagree with what I said? Let me know what you think!

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