We’re The Millers (2013)

If you want to watch a fake, dysfunctional family smuggle drugs across the border. Then, We’re the Millers is the film for you.

David Clark (played by Jason Sudeikis) is a drug dealer in Denver, Colorado. After dealing to various people, David sees an old friend from college to whom is married with children and becomes extremely jealous when it’s clear David is a bachelor with essentially no responsibilities. Next we meet Rose (played by Jennifer Aniston), a stripper who pretty much hates her job, living in the same building as David. It is clear they both don’t get along as there is a certain hostility towards each other. Then there is Kenny (Will Poulter), also living in the same building as David and Rose, but also home alone as the moment when he says his mum went for a drink with her friend, last week. To complete this dysfunctional, fake family, Casey (Emma Roberts) is seen across from the apartment building, being mugged. David decides to help Casey, which is his downfall as he is robbed of all his marijuana, his money and savings.

When his boss, Brad Gurdinger (Ed Helms), finds this out, he kidnaps him and forces him to pick him a ‘smidge’ of marijuana from Mexico. Struggling with how to try and get it across the border, David calls on Rose, Kenny and Casey to become a fake family, The Millers. After having a shaggy dog appearance, David receives a haircut that makes him look like a American ideal of a dad, the same with the children. Brad sorts David out an RV to drive across the border with, after getting the idea seeing a family treated kindly by the police in an RV. After picking up the drugs for Pablo Cachon(an Alias that Brad is using), it turns out to be near enough two tonnes, they drive for the border, not before being stopped by a Mexican official asking for a bribe. Which turns out to be either $1000 or a sexual favour, in which Kenny is nearly the giver of the favour. Until the Mexican official explains it Pesos (which apparently is like $100).

After the border scene where some people under the RV start sprinting towards America, the comedy is very short and refreshing. Most of the comedy stems from the run-ins with the Fitzgerald’s, such as the intimate encounter they have in the tent, which is also very cringeworthy at the same time. Not forgetting the running joke with baby LeBron, which is a bag of marijuana and how Edie constantly wants to hold the ‘baby’.

The Dysfunctional Family with baby LeBron.
The Dysfunctional Family with baby LeBron.

Not forgetting the dysfunctional family, as they travel together, they have their ups and downs, mainly downs, as they struggle to pose as a family, for example, Casey being a teenager and running off with a guy that has ‘No Ragrets’ tattooed across his chest, to which David and Rose become concerning parents. Later, after Kenny is bitten by a tarantula in the genitals in a very cringey scene, but is key as David, becomes highly agitated and wants to quickly leave to make it to his bosses house for bigger payoff. This is a dramatic turning point as David decides money is more important than the relationships he has gained through this trip, as Rose decides to stay with the children, taking a maternal stance on the situation.

One grievance with the film I must admit is the fact that Casey’s story is never truly told. The rest of the ‘family’ has a backstory so to speak, but Casey constantly being called a runaway, is never explained why this is, as she tries to explain, before being interrupted on several occasions. Apart from this, the film is a great, easy-watching comedy that is nothing too experimental. The ending is also quite nice, but expected, much like the rest of the film, aside from David getting his own back on his boss Brad.



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