Chronicle (2012)

The film being at a whopping 80 minutes, it’s hard not to think “I may as well give it a watch”. This is what happened and after hearing good things about the film from various people intrigued me more. It being on demand for my convenience too also helps things.

Chronicle begins with Andrew Detmer (played by Dane DeHaan) looking into a mirror through a camera which is filming and we hear his father trying to get through the door. He then films his mother, who is ill in her bed. Ultimately this first, 10 or so minutes are more about their characters, Andrew the one getting bullied at school, who avoids parties and drinking. His cousin, Matt, the one telling him about parties and what not, it becomes apparent that Andrew is a social reject so to speak, constantly getting bullied at school and getting into confrontations. At home, Andrew filming himself working on a light fixture, gets punched in the head by his father, showing his home lifestyle is no more glamorous than his school life.

After the party confrontation, Steve Montgomery, comes to find Andrew to film this hole in the middle of nowhere, with his camera. When in the hole, they find this crystal type structure which sends the camera into a distortion and makes the trio collapse and bleed from the nose. The aftermath appears to have given the three of them powers in the sense of controlling inanimate objects. Such as stopping a baseball mid flight directed at Andrew’s face. Not only this, they have become a close friendship group, which is apparent through a voice-mail left by Steve’s girlfriend. This show an improvement of life by Andrew, who is smiling and laughing with his new buddies and their powers.

Ultimately, this film can come under the superhero genre, because the three guys have these powers, of what is believed to be telekinesis. As expected, when the film wears on their powers get stronger, meaning they can control bigger things with more ease, and even begin to fly. Like in all movies with powers, there’s the good guy, there’s the bad guy. Unfortunately, Steve doesn’t fit into either category as he is killed by a storm. In the classic ultimate showdown, Andrew and Matt face off. Good vs bad. But I won’t spoil which one is which.

Also, I spoke to people about the filming of Cloverfield and many said they disliked it, I really enjoyed it. Chronicle is similar in the sense that everything is filmed via a handheld device or camera, or police car cameras (in the finale, anyways). All this, tied into the around 80 minutes run time, has what it takes to be a good movie. Although some of the film is cliché in the idea of superhero movies, some of it branches away with a different ideal. As they don’t really intend to save anybody, they simply just have fun with the powers they’ve been given, like an odd, but fun scene where they are playing catch whilst floating in the clouds.



Agree or disagree with what I said? Let me know what you think!

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