End of Watch (2012)

Much like Chronicle and Cloverfield, both of which use a handheld feel in their films, End of Watch is no different. It gives a documentary feel to the film, much like one of the many cop shows you see on the television. It focuses on two police officers, Brian and Mike, working on patrol in... Continue Reading →


Untouchable/The Intouchables (2011)

Untouchable brings together the rather unlikely friendship of Philippe and Driss. The former, a vastly wealthy man bound to his wheelchair due to paralysis from the neck down, the latter a man from the projects. Philippe (played wonderfully by Francios Cluzet) is interviewing for a new carer, with the humdrum of people citing their references... Continue Reading →

Chronicle (2012)

The film being at a whopping 80 minutes, it's hard not to think "I may as well give it a watch". This is what happened and after hearing good things about the film from various people intrigued me more. It being on demand for my convenience too also helps things. Chronicle begins with Andrew Detmer... Continue Reading →

Pleasantville (1998)

I had previously watched this film before, but seeing it on LoveFilm I thought I would watch it again. And so I thought I hadn't posted for a while, so why not post on Pleasantville. A rather peculiar film. Now the opening shows us Pleasantville that David (Played by Tobey Maguire) loves to watch and... Continue Reading →

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