Despicable Me 2

After hearing good things about Despicable Me 2, via Twitter, Facebook and word of mouth, I thought I’d check out Despicable Me 2, having enjoyed the first one. A note though, I cannot remember much of the first other than “It’s so fluffy I could die!” and that I enjoyed it. I’ve found that it’s rare for me to enjoy sequels as much as the first, maybe it’s the expectation and how good the first one truly was. That being said, I had heard again, word of mouth, that this one was “much better than the first”. My expectations were high.

Picking up where any film that has a bad guy conflict in it starts, it begins with an important base being stolen by a mysterious magnet that is unknown to us. And then a cut, picking up where the film left off, with Gru and the girls. There is a birthday party scene in where Gru has a stressful time trying to find a Princess to come and see Agnes, and of course it leaves Gru having to play the Princess fairy, which is just all a bit odd. He is no longer the villain that he was in the first film, until Agent Wilde appears (voiced by Kristen Wiig) and offers him the opportunity to work for the Anti-Villain League, in charge by the man named Silas Ramsbottom, in which brings laughs from the two minions at the word bottom, and alas, laughs from the audience.

Don’t get me wrong, I was laughing too at this part and the rest of the fart jokes and the violence that the minions impacted on each other, because they were probably the most memorable part about the film in it’s entirety. The other parts of the film seemed too rushed, or there was too much to be considered, from a child’s point of view. To fit in the 98 minute limit there was, I felt, too much, considering the storyline of Gru’s love life, Margo’s treading into that dating life. Agnes questioning Gru about her mother and tied in to find out who stole this lab. Seems a lot for a child to take in and follow. And this followed with the antics of the minions, the minions could possibly overpower the screen time with their jokes and violence and general antics, making them more memorable.

I saw this film in 3D and felt it was kind of lost during the film, however, the ending sequence was something special for the 3D effects. It entailed three minions doing an assortment of things to put the 3D effect to full use, such as blowing bubbles at the screen and blowing those party blowers.

Now I would recommend this film, but I wouldn’t rush out to go and see it. It’s very easy to watch, the storyline is fine, maybe a bit overloaded, with same for the new characters introduced, but the best bit is simply the minions, those yellow tic tac shaped things of delight. The jumbling of the story does lose it’s effect and it made me wonder what was to come off the villain (You’ll understand), but its a good build up to feature film featuring the minions, but who knows how we’re going to follow what they’re saying.



Agree or disagree with what I said? Let me know what you think!

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