Searching For Sugar Man

The other night, I found Searching For Sugar Man on LoveFilm instant, and after watching their academy award acceptance for best documentary, I've been intrigued since. What is essentially the plot, is intriguing in itself, which is compelled me into watching it even more so. The premise of the film surrounds a musician by the... Continue Reading →


This Is The End.

Much like other recommendations, I had heard Seth Rogen's and Evan Goldberg's This Is The End was their best one yet. And after seeing Superbad and Pineapple Express, I had to admit, I was looking forward to it myself. Initially everyone in the film is cast as themselves in the film, although it's not themselves. It's... Continue Reading →

Despicable Me 2

After hearing good things about Despicable Me 2, via Twitter, Facebook and word of mouth, I thought I'd check out Despicable Me 2, having enjoyed the first one. A note though, I cannot remember much of the first other than "It's so fluffy I could die!" and that I enjoyed it. I've found that it's... Continue Reading →

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