Iron Sky

This has been sat in my draft box for a while, so I'll post it now. I watched this film not too long ago via Lovefilm Instant and I'm not too sure why. I had seen the film on the shelves in HMV and I did not appeal to me at all as it seemed... Continue Reading →


Gangster Squad

Before I begin, this may contain some spoilers so go see before you read. I went to see Gangster Squad yesterday, and thought it was excellent. There were splendid positives when watching it, and only but a few negatives that I can think of. Ruben Fleischer, having most notably directed Zombieland and 30 Minutes or... Continue Reading →

My Top Films From 2012

I realise this should have been posted before the end of 2012, but oh well. I was going to go see Life of Pi on New Year's Eve, but I ended up working and what not, so unfortunately it will not be included. It was a good year for films, with the beginning of The... Continue Reading →

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