The Descendants

Going through a splurge of buying DVDs, I found myself buying The Descendants. A film I wanted to see at the cinema, but when the time came to seeing it, I never did and wasn’t too phased, to me, it became one of those films you leave to buying on DVD.

Don’t get me wrong the film is very enjoyable as George Clooney plays a guy who tries to reconnect with his daughters over the forthcoming death of their mother and his wife and him coming to terms with his wife’s infidelity which he learned of after she is comatose state.

Matt King, played by Clooney, is the cliché father that has worked far too much pushing everyone in his family away from him, and this is immediately apparent with his way of trying to deal with his unruly ten year old daughter. Enter his teenage daughter, a girl on the border of adulthood, just as unruly as his ten year old daughter even more so because of the option of alcohol and sex of course. This is when a nugget of information that drops a bombshell on the storyline, his wife, currently hospitalised of course, was cheating on him. It could be argued that this is where essentially the drama stops. It becomes a tame drama, nothing to shock you or draw you deeper into the story, however the want from King’s quest to find out why his wife has been cheating on him and how he handles the children keeps you occupied.

One interesting plot twist in the tale is that Matt King is a sole holder of a large proportion of land on one of the islands of Hawaii and they seem to be close to a deal selling it on and making them rich. But upon learning that Brian Speer is close to the person they are selling to, he pulls out of the deal. This could signify a little private battle that King has won against Speer, regardless of whether it seems pitiful or not. It kind of gives Clooney’s character a peace of mind.

This is a fine film, don’t get me wrong, however it’s not excellent. It is under the genre of comedy and drama, however, the comedic values in the film are small and almost always come from the character Sid who you laugh at in pity for his naivety. Although Clooney’s half run, half jog is hilarious when he’s trying to be serious. I’ve said this about a couple of films and this film is one of those you will watch more than likely with friends or to pass time. It’s not exactly sticking out in my DVD collection as one of the best. I feel as those I have glazed over film and not come down on either side of the fence, but it’s difficult to sum it up. It’s not exactly a film I urge you to rush out and buy, yet it’s a good enough film to watch if it’s on the television or something, I would recommend it, you may say.

Favourite: As per, I have my new installment. Although he carries the comedic side of the film, Sid is my favourite character, as he becomes a character who you grow to like, even though you may dislike him at the start. He helps Matt King comes to terms with various things even though he may not say the brightest of things throughout the film. And I enjoy it when he gets punched by King’s stepfather.


Agree or disagree with what I said? Let me know what you think!

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