Skyfall and The Dark Knight Rises

This will be a short post and just to warn, there may contain some spoilers so if you haven't seen either, I'd advise you not to read on. I have literally just come back from watching Skyfall and really did enjoy it. However, having seen The Dark Knight Rises earlier in the year, I couldn't... Continue Reading →


The Descendants

Going through a splurge of buying DVDs, I found myself buying The Descendants. A film I wanted to see at the cinema, but when the time came to seeing it, I never did and wasn't too phased, to me, it became one of those films you leave to buying on DVD. Don't get me wrong... Continue Reading →

My Review: The iPad.

I may be a bit behind the times when buying an iPad, as the iPad mini has been flaunted and I presume released for general sale too and other tablets being unveiled (the Windows Surface looks particularly pleasing) but who cares, I've obtained this piece of brilliant kit and I've not really regretted it thus... Continue Reading →

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