Taken: My Impression

With the released of Taken 2 being fresh in my mind and the fact everyone has told me Taken is an excellent film. I thought I would actually get round to watching it. However when people gave me a rundown of what happens in the film, my immediate thought was that it was going to be a very predictable film. My immediate inkling was correct.

Firstly though, I’m not too sure as to why they are creating a sequel for the film. Sure, it may be a very popular film which seems to be a firm favourite of everybody, but why would you create a sequel to a film and use the same storyline and structure, except with a different person being ‘Taken’. Maybe this can be one of those opportunities where we can say that the film industry is too interested in making money, as they would know that this film will, essentially, rake in the money.

However, back to my original point about the blog post. Taken. If I had to sum up the film, I would have to say it was predictable, yet interesting. I simply didn’t write it off due to the fact it can be predictable and it wouldn’t have been fair, of course.  I can appreciate the film and understand why people enjoy it so, but as for the structure of the film, it was just again, predictable. When given a run down, or, at the sentence of “It’s basically where Liam Neeson’s daughter gets taken” I immediately thought it would be basically be an hour and a half of Liam Neeson kicking a bunch of bad guys asses trying to save his daughter.

For the most part I was correct, as I was not really surprised by the plot as it was quite simple. (Spoilers ahead) Daughter gets taken, ‘luckily’ the protagonist, Byran Mills is an ex-special agent who still has the resources to track the kidnappers voices and pinpoint it. Then from that point onward it’s Neeson kicking as much ass, with a few added killings here and there, to find out more information about his daughter. And, for me, on the lead up to him jumping on the boat, I sat there thinking, he’s going to jump off a bridge onto the boat. Again, predictable.

Now, I realise I may have taken the tone that I am slating the film and didn’t enjoy it, but don’t get me wrong I did, I just found it predictable and found the idea of the sequel frustrating due to the needlessness of it. There were some parts that I did not expect, such as the manner in which the daughter was taken, I had assumed it was something to with the protagonists past, rather than the sex trade that happens in Europe.

Anyhow, I found the film enjoyable, yet I can’t help but think that it has been over hyped a slight degree and the focus being too much on Liam Neeson kicking some ass. That’s my thoughts anyway.

Thank you for reading, any thoughts to add on will be appreciated.

Any comments or feedback is also appreciated.


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