Soundtracks And Why They Are Important (IMO)

One thing in my opinion that gets overlooked in the films is soundtracks. Soundtracks are very important in the films because they can help motivate the film, but more importantly, soundtracks can also control the emotions of the audience.

Now, for example, majority of people have actually cried at a film before, regardless of what it is. But it’s not about a film making you cry, it can also make you feel happy. To illustrate this, if any of you reading this have seen the film 500 Days Of Summer, it perfectly demonstrates how a films backing song can make you feel happy and then sad. The example I’m going to use in when the main character, Tom, is seen walking down the street after spending the night with the girl he is currently dating, Summer.

Unfortunately that was the best quality I could find for the video, so sorry about that. But back to the point, whilst watching that, you must admit you smiled at least once, bar that, you could have laughed and felt happy. Put in the context of the film, it makes the film better and makes you happier, but the song is key because it is generally a happy song in which you have to just smile, or jig about I find, when listening to it. To use the same film to make my point about the other end of the spectrum about the film making the audience feel sad or disheartened. The scene I am referring to would be the more than likely the saddest scene of the film, the expectations vs reality scene.

Again, I apologise for the quality of the video, but alas, I’m not totally how I could get a better version even though I have the film on DVD (Maybe someone could help me out?). I am not going to lie, I welled up during that scene when watching the film, because the song by Regina Spektor adds to the effect that Tom is heartbroken upon his realisation.

Because music is a major part of everyone lives, mainly because we hear music a lot, for the large part of the day so in my opinion, I feel that music is forgotten when it comes to films. Although I can argue against my own opinion by saying that the songs that we recognise, or songs with lyrics are more prone to be heard and recognised by us as an audience. I am of course comparing these to the songs that are of an orchestral heritage, or even a simple piano theme, such as a Jaws theme. However one that theme that really adds effect is the John Carpenter’s original Halloween in 1978. Whenever Mike Myers car is spotted on-screen there a simply tune that creeps into the music, that for me, made me feel intense and made my heart near enough jump out of my skin because the music, really helped the scenes and made me feel slightly terrified of what could unfold on-screen.

Thank you for reading, it’s been short, but I’ve finished my first semester, so a piece could be coming up on that.

Any comments/opinions would be highly appreciated and if you think it’s good to raise awareness!


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