5 Films I Will Never Grow Tired Of.

The title is self explanatory, however the films are not, does contain spoilers though.

These are in no particular order by the way.

First on the mark is Space Jam;

This film will never grow old for me. It’s mainly for the younger child inside of me, everyone has their own way of pleasing that inner-child, mine is by feeding it childhood memories of endlessly watching Space Jam. It more than likely boils down to my love for Looney Tunes back when I was a child, the sketches with Roadrunner and Coyote being my favourite. The storyline always gripped me regardless of how many times I watched it and my favourite scene being  when Michael Jordan scores the winning dunk by stretching his arm half way across the court. Absolutely brilliant scene.

Second; The Shawshank Redemption

Now, if you’ve not seen this film, shut down your computer/laptop, go out and buy this film now, due to this being my favourite film ever and many others. If you don’t believe me, about 500,000+ people agree putting it at the top of the IMDB Top 250 films. The first time I saw it I didn’t really understand it seeing as I was about 9/10 at the time but my dad loved it and watched it. I think he was the one who showed it to me originally, but then I watched it not long after and it’s been my favourite film ever since. It was the great feeling that grips you when watching the protagonist survive through the ordeal that is Shawshank prison, supported by Morgan Freeman, the film is just perfect, in my eyes, to watch at any point, regardless of your mood.

Thirdly; Good Will Hunting

For this film I have the thank my old media studies teacher, Nathan James, for giving the class a list of films you should own in your DVD Collection. Good Will Hunting, released in 1997 was scripted by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. (I did some research on it) It was mainly to show what Damon and Affleck could do with their acting skills. The result for me, was fantastic. It’s easily in my top 5, let alone my top 10. This is a feel good film and would recommend it to anyone without a second thought. The protagonist, played by Damon, is a broken home young adult who possesses a rare talent to be fantastic at Mathematics and has super smarts. However, he has to have counselling due to his terms to keep him out of jail. The therapist is played by Robin Williams, and in my eyes is one of the best actors who has so many different talents. The film is centred around Damons character, Will Hunting and him coming to terms with his inadequacy about many things. The scene that most sticks out in my head in when he first meets Sean (Williams’ character) and when confronted about how much he could bench, he quickly changes the subject showing he is clearly uncomfortable that someone is better than him at bench pressing. This is all relevant to Hunting because this is what he has to overcome to be able to love the girls of his dreams, Skylar, (played by Minnie Driver) and also be the very best he can.

Fourth; Donnie Darko.

One of the ultimate cult films, that will never make any sense at all apart from to the director! Now, this is one special film due to it’s complexities that draws us as an audience into it more and more, with each viewing. I’ve had many debates with some people on my course and my friends about the meaning behind Donnie Darko, but sadly it cannot never be reached. It was a very clever film and would definitely recommend this one too without a second thought. Jake Gllyenhaal (regardless of whether you like him or not) is perfect for this role. It is a very interesting film throughout because of the many things that happen around Donnie (Gllyenhaal). When he is saved from his death by Frank (a hallucination weirdly enough) enters this downward spiral of emotions and the fear of dying alone and not wanting to. The film also enters different possibilities such as time travel with a more philosophical view towards it (rather than going really fast – As much as I love Back To The Future). All in all, I cannot explain this film, because I would never justify it. As it says at the start of the DVD I have, it says “In 2 hours time, you will want answers” and this is no lie. If you’ve not seen it, watch it and be prepared to be messed with.

The fifth and final film I will never grow tired of is. Into The Wild;

Recently I started the challenge of watching the top IMDB 250. (65/250 at the moment) and I recently watched this film, and it was just fantastic. The film, being based on a true story adds to the impact of it. The storyline of Into The Wild is about a youngster that has just graduated from college and decides to throw it all away and live out the wild (put in the simplest terms). But it covers his journey from where he lives, to Mexico and up to Alaska. His relationships along the way and what he encounters make the story even more special because this is what he remembers out the in the wild and realises that to get happiness, which is what he striving for, it has to be shared with other people. Ultimately it is a story about self discovery, and that happiness is not achieved through being the best in society but simply sharing life with others. Truly a touching story, and again another I’d recommend. But then again I’d recommend all of these films without a shadow of a doubt.

Thank you for reading, comments are appreciated as usual! And spread the word if it’s not trouble!

P.s. I realised it turned into a review, but still I hope you liked it.

P.s.s. Check out the soundtracks to Space Jam, Into The Wild and Donnie Darko – They are ace.


Agree or disagree with what I said? Let me know what you think!

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