Why I Want To…

I’ve just had a wicked idea on a series of blog posts, of course if I have the motivation and something worthwhile to blog about!

Anyway, this idea of mine will be titled ‘Why I Want To..’ due to the fact I have a lot of things I’d like to do, so I may as well blog about it. Alongside this, I will more than likely start to blog more often (he says) about films, considering I am currently studying it alongside English. Now onto the actual blog post..

Why I Want To.. Go To The BBC Proms.

It all stemmed from when I was watching television when I waiting for Match Of The Day to come on, so I had put on BBC One in anticipation. This is where I caught the last two songs of the last night at the Proms. And I just filled with joy at this amazing sound that the orchestra played. I’ve always had a slight interest in the music of Bach, Beethoven and Mozart. However it only strikes to be in a certain mood to listen to it. Jeruselum on the other hand, is a song that I could listen to, time and time again. This has become a ceremonial send off in the Proms and they always signal the proms are officially over by playing this song.

Seeing as you’re already reading about it, you may as well hear the song that started off this hunger of mine..

After seeing this, I instantly went onto Google and found more about the Proms. Which led me to YouTube just to see what else the Proms actually cover. If you didn’t know, the BBC Proms spans 8 weeks with many varieties surrounding it, such as the orchestra covering a great deal of compusers, such as Bach, Beethoven, Brahms Liszt. The list goes on. Also they deal with opera and musical numbers. Such as this wonderful rendition of ‘Everybody Ought To Have A Maid’..

I would not want to go the BBC Proms, solely for the music, because it seems as there is an extra element in watching the videos that the audience can take away with them. I would like this but maybe that is just me that feels there is an extra element. When researching into the Proms, I found it wasn’t just about orchestral music, they do an Electric Proms, which is where I found this next video (sorry for bombarding with videos – Last one though). But this is from 2008 when Oasis teamed with a choir for ‘I’m Outta Time’ – The result in my opinion is phenomenal..

Adding on to the fact that there is more than the music, the Proms also hold plays. This was a shock to me, as me being narrow minded at the time thought it would have been the orchestra in the Royal Albert Halls.

The Proms, to me, would not be just a going to see an orchestra play, arguably, the best pieces of music from all over the world. To me, it’d be an experience that I would more than likely remember for the rest of my life. Whether this dream of mine becomes a reality I am yet to know. It’d be fantastic if it does.

This concludes my Why I Want To.. and I realise that it is short, but it’s been a while.

Thank you for reading!


Agree or disagree with what I said? Let me know what you think!

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