Month: July 2011

The Book and CD.

With the recent advances in technology, it’s been questioned whether the book and the CD will actually live on. Due to technology it is readily available to buy CD’s online through iTunes and Amazon and have them on your computer ready to listen to in a matter of minutes. The same is possible with the increasing popularity of ‘ebooks’. Apple’s continuing adverts announcing how libraries can be stored on the iPads, this matching the adverts for the Amazon Kindle in which they have taken pride in how you can store over 3,500 books.

'No.1 Bestseller on Amazon'

Although that is very promising, it already shows a clear understanding that the CD and the book will soon be a unwanted gift. Teenagers, being the most in touch with technology will attack these new promises of having music and ‘ebooks’ in the palms of their hands in a matter of minutes, possibly seconds. I know this, because I currently speak from experience, as I currently am listening to a downloaded album from iTunes and in the past have looked at purchasing an Amazon Kindle.

So through these new advances and the ability to have anything by a simple touch of a button on a computer, points out the loom that the CD and book days are slowly fading away. It may not be within the next 5 years. But it will happen, in which I believe will be my lifetime. However, I do not agree with this. Although I have bought music online and considered the advantages of getting ebooks, I doubt I would solely cancel out me ever buying books and cds again.

I’m not sure what it is about the matter, I much prefer to have something to hold rather than it being imprinted online. I prefer the novelty of having something to hold on, whether you’re taking a book when you’re going away, or whether CDs are sat on shelves in your room or living room. I’ve always taken books on holidays to just relax in the afternoon on the balcony, or by the pool. To me, a room doesn’t look like a room without a stack of CDs, or a row of books sat somewhere. It’s the same principle for the CD, although artists wouldn’t mind, seeing as they’ll get the money from the sale of their music either way. For me though, it’s different I like the whole idea of having something to hold on to. Even if the end of CD and book looms heavily.


My Bucket List

As a first proper blog post, I’d thought I may as well share my dream list. Some may know it as a bucket list.

Below will be a short list of my dreams to complete and a short explanation as to why. Topping the list would be:

Top Priority

A visit to New York City

 – This is my ultimate dream, to go and see the bustle of New York City and be experience the ‘city that never sleeps’. Of course I’d be a typical tourist and go see all the sights there such as Times Square, Statue of Liberty and also the Empire State Building.

Visit the Vatican, Louvre and other inspiring sights

– Since reading Dan Brown, not only did it open my eyes to different views about science and religion (namely Angels and Demons) but to the beauty that can be viewed in Paris, Vatican, London and also Washington D.C. Because of the works from Dan Brown it has made me want to visit the famous Louvre, look up and being astonished by the Sistine Chapel.

(Might be obvious but..) Watch a game or have a tour around Camp Nou

 – Probably an obvious one, but mainly because Barcelona, arguably the best football team at the moment, it’d just be fantastic to go see them do their magic in front of their faithful. Plus it would add a stadium to the list of ones I’ve visited. I may aswell mix in two so, watch a game at every football ground in the football leagues – I know a very ambitious one, considering it’d be murder to get tickets for top four games. However, it would be quite an achievement to visit all the football grounds competing in the football leagues then. Around 92 I think it is.

Football related again but, go to a World Cup game.

– Pretty much self explanatory. Although it’s more of an experience, but with that experience comes that dream of cheering on your team at the World Cup games. So another one of my dreams to cheer on England in a World Cup game.

Go and see the Athens, Pompeii and seven wonders of the world.

– This is mainly for my exploration part of me that enjoy the fruits of exploring that only mother nature can really give such as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and also the Great Pyramids of Giza.  The reason behind Athens and Pompeii is to fuel my historical interest in things, namely the Pompeii disaster.

Well, I cannot really think of anymore after a complete mind blank. But with this it’s become more of an understanding about me and what I am interested in.

Thank you for taking the time out to read this. Hopefully I’ll be back with something else.

Kindest regards, Nathan.

Grabbing The Basics.

If you are reading this, then I thank you for visiting my blog page. However, it might be a while until I’m writing on a regular business. I’ve always wanted a blog just to write my thoughts and what not. If it’s any good is a different story. I will blog about different things, sometimes football, sometimes about television maybe just something random that’s happened to me.

Nonetheless, thank you for taking the time to read this. Hopefully I will be back again writing something more worthy of reading. With a much more appealing page too.

Thank you kindly,


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